Best Badminton Racket under 2500 In India 2020 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Looking for a quality racket? if yes, we would insist you read the whole article as we have reviewed the Best badminton racket under 2500 in India. 

Badminton is a game which can be played casually as well professionally. Some people consider it as an exercise for burning calories. They play it every day for an hour or two. But if you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced badminton player and looking for the best racket under 2500 then you have to deal with rackets features. 

It’s obvious that without having a racket no one can play badminton. Finding convenient badminton with the quality feature is not an easy task. There are several aspects which have to be considered before buying any badminton racket. Aspects such as build-in material, head shape size, frame material, string quality, grip size, strung tension. Usually, buyers get confused while buying and gets an inconvenient racket. Rackets shaft, string and build-in material must be considered while buying, depending on the player’s skills. If you are very fond of hitting smashes with more power than you have to prefer lightweight rackets. In case, If you mislead and get a heavy racket to have tremendous smashes, it will lead you to have shoulder pain. 

Hence, we are here to help all our readers to get them the convenient badminton racket at an affordable price. We have compared numerous rackets, their respective price and features to get the Best badminton racket under 2500. Don’t worry we have considered the beginners, intermediate and advanced badminton players and their needs for a racket. Simply read further to get the convenient one without any mislead. 

Best Badminton Racket Under 2500 

Yonex Nanoray Light 18i
  • Quality:Light in weight
  • Includes:Have awesome smashes without compromising the power
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best seller best seller
Yonex Muscle Power 29
  • Quality:Light in weight
  • Includes:A hologram at the bottom, by scratching it buyer can know the genuine product
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Yonex Nanoray D1
  • Quality:String quality is good and durable
  • Includes:With pre-installed quality strings
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Li-Ning Turbo X 80-II 
  • Quality:Build-in with quality carbon graphite material
  • Includes:Full-size quality cover
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Feroc Badminton Racket Set of 2
  • Quality:Best rackets meant for beginners
  • Includes:With a full-size cover and 3 shuttlecocks within the package
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Yonex Nanoray 6000I G4-U
  • Quality:Light in weight
  • Includes:Built-in T joints are used attaching the frame and shaft
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Budget-friendly Budget-friendly
Yonex GR 303 Badminton
  • Quality:Light in weight
  • Includes:With Made of quality aluminium material
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#1 Yonex Nanoray Light 18i

Yonex Nanoray Light 18i is one of the most suitable rackets meant for Adults. This Yonex badminton racket is lighter in weight and are favourable one for having a good placement. The shaft of this rackets is designed with streamlined aerodynamic Nanoscience technology. Nanoray Light 18i is one of the best badminton rackets under 2500 which lets the user stay away from the repulsion of used power. The shaft of the badminton stays stable at all situations as it is made up of carbon graphite material. 

Users can have tremendous smashes with great power as it possesses a good grip of 3.5 inches. It has an isometric head shape, frame made of carbon graphite material. These badminton rackets come with pre-applied string tension, the weight of the string tension is 30 lbs. As it is lighter in weight users can have great comfort while playing and can avoid shoulder pains. Using the racket badminton player can have good swings and defends for the opponents’ smashes.  


  • Light in weight
  • Shaft and frame are made of carbon graphite material
  • Favourable for a good placing 
  • Have awesome smashes without compromising the power. 


  • Smashes needs more power, some user doesn’t prefer using more power.
  • String material is good but can be better.


#2 Yonex Muscle Power 29

Yonex Muscle power 29 rackets are mainly meant for the beginners and intermediate players. It is light in weight and is more suitable for those who love using more power while smashing.  The head frame shape of the racket is isometric, consisting of strong strings. Muscle power 29 is one of the best badminton rackets under 2500, which are preferable one for quick swings and shots. 

Players can have good placing and quick response of the opponents’ smashes as it includes a long shaft. It is considered in the balance type rackets as the strings are tied up very tightly. Play game for a couple of hours without having any shoulder pain, one of the best rackets that are meant comfortable for use. The Yonex racket includes grip with 3.25 inches and is made up of aluminium material. Yonex Muscle power Headframe and Shaft are attached with built-in T-joint material. Weight for the pre-installed string for the Yonex racket is 24 lbs and the size of the racket is 28 inches.

This badminton racket package includes a full-size quality cover for product safety. Yonex badminton racket provides a quality product to their customers, scratching the bottom part of the received racket buyers can check whether it’s a genuine product or not.


  • The full-size cover is included in the package
  • Includes a hologram at the bottom, by scratching it buyer can know the genuine product
  • Light in weight
  • Build-in material is aluminium, it’s a durable product


  • Frame quality is good but can be better
  • Pre-installed strings quality can be better.


#3 Yonex Nanoray D1

Yonex Nanoray D1 is one the best badminton racket under 2500 which are specifically meant for the beginners. They can gain great confident having quick shots and good placing. These rackets are light in weight and come with pre-installed quality strings. Grip size for this Yonex badminton racket is 3.25 inches, lets users have good universal grip control while playing. 

The frame is made of carbon fiber material with an isometric head shape. Power repulsion is avoided as it is completely made of graphite material. The player can have great smashes and quick swings with effective power. Rackets frame sides are thinner which helps to increases the speed by minimizing the air flows. Pre-installed strings are fixed effectively the maximum level for stings are up to 24 lbs. 

Yonex brand provides a full-size cover with Nanoray D1 package. User can carry their rackets comfortably and can keep it with complete safety.


  • Awesome racket for great smashes 
  • Light in weight made up of graphite 
  • String quality is good and durable
  • 100% genuine product by Yonex, the buyer gets an authentication card within the package.


  • Handel and grip is good but it can be a little better
  • Full-size cover quality needs a bit improvement


#4 Li-Ning Turbo X 80-II 

Li-Ning Turbo X 80-II rackets are mainly preferred by the intermediate and advanced badminton players. The racket is a long durable product as it is made of quality carbon graphite material. It includes a high tensile shaft which lets users have great comfort while playing. Turbo X 80-II is one of the best badminton rackets under 2500 that includes aero Tec-beam system for strings safety. Head shape of this badminton is isometrically designed with dynamic optimum frame. The frame is designed considering different shots hence, preferable one for advanced players. 

Turbo rackets are designed with stabilized Torsion Angle to avoid the unwanted frame swings. Even after having a powerful smash, users can have great control over the racket for quick defends. The military-grade carbon material is used for the head frame, lets users have good stability. 

These rackets do not include pre-installed strings, AP7 strings are given separately in package. String level for the badminton racket is 28-30lbs hence, favourable one for intermediate and advanced players.


  • This racket package includes full-size quality cover.
  • Favourable badminton for intermediate and advanced players
  • Build-in with quality carbon graphite material 
  • Headframe is designed with stabilized Torsion Angle


  • Material for the full-size cover is good but it can be better
  • Strings are not pre-installed; it is given separately in package. 


#5 Feroc Badminton Racket Set of 2

Feroc Badminton rackets are mainly meant for young ones, they can use it for routine playing. Parents can get this racket for their kids as it includes two rackets in the package. They can enjoy playing badminton with their young ones. It is a durable product made of steel material with a good grip. 

These badminton rackets are meant for beginners for practising, users can play with their friends on a daily basis as it is a durable product. Manufactures have provided 3 free shuttlecocks in the package as it is meant for beginners. They are light in weight, helpful for beginners to practice smashes and placing shots. 

The manufacturer provides a full-size cover for rackets safety and easy carrying. The Feroc is one of the best badminton rackets under 2500 which are mainly meant for kids. 


  • Budget-friendly product
  • Durable rackets as it made up of steel
  • Best rackets meant for beginners
  • Includes a full-size cover and 3 shuttlecocks within the package.


  • The material quality of the given shuttle cocks need to be improved
  • Strings quality are good but it can be better.


#6 Yonex Nanoray 6000I G4-U

Yonex Nanoray 6000I rackets are mainly meant for adults who are intermediate or advanced badminton players. The Yonex badminton racket is designed with low torsion steel shaft and Isometric head shape. Players can have terrific smashes and defend as the shafts are designed with aerodynamic Nanoscience technology. 

Nanoray 6000I is one the best badminton rackets under 2500 which lets the user have good flexible control while playing. Shaft and head frame of the racket are attached using Built-in T joints. 

This badminton racket frame is made of aluminium material and the shafts are made of steel material. It comes with pre-installed strings the level of strings tension is 19-24 lbs. Yonex provides a genuine product to their customers, they provide authentication card along with the package. User can know whether the received racket is genuine or not just by scratching the provided authentication card. 


  • Light in weight 
  • Pre-installed strings, supportable string level up to 24lbs
  • Built-in T joints are used attaching the frame and shaft. 
  • The full-size cover is included in the Yonex racket package  


  • String quality is good but it can be better for more effective shots
  • Full-size Cover quality needs a bit improvement


#7 Yonex GR 303 Badminton

Yonex GR 303 rackets include pre-installed strings are made of aluminium material. Gr 303 is one of the best badminton under 2500 that is extremely light in weight and are more preferable by the intermediate players. Players get favourable comfort having smashes, shots, defend and placing. The level of the tension string for the Yonex badminton racket is up to 26 lbs.

It is reliable badminton for those who are planning to get a racket for playing badminton on a routine basis. Playing badminton also helps to burn unwanted calories to stay fit. It includes a cool grip, players can get favourable control on placing shots and quickly defends. Intermediate badminton players acquire this racket for having powerful smashes as it is light in weight. 

Yonex GR 303 is one of the best durable rackets which includes pre-installed strings and a full-size cover in package.


  • Budget-friendly racket
  • Made of quality aluminium material 
  • Light in weight
  • Favourable one for having powerful smashes 


  • Full-size cover built-in material can be better
  • Strings quality are good but it can be better


Buyers Guide For Best Badminton Racket

1. String Tension

Before buying a racket buyers must know the suitable string tension level of the badminton racket. Considering beginner, intermediate, advanced or a professional badminton player’s shots and abilities, a slab for tension string is provided. 

For Beginners – 18 to 21 LBS

Intermediates – 22 to 24 LBS

Advanced – 25 to 28 LBS

Professional – 29 to 35 LBS

Buyer must get a racket depending on their current playing status; if the buyer is a beginner and spends for advanced tension racket they will simply mislead and lose the actual comfort of playing. 

The strung level and build-in material of the strings differ depending on the players’ stage. Buyer must consider the string tension slab for getting a favourable and convenient racket. 

2. Build-in Material 

Build-in material should be considered depending on the purpose and the level of Players stage. There are multiple brands in the market that manufacture badminton rackets but the used build-in material differs. Build-in material for racket must be considered depending on the use and placed shots of different level badminton players. 

If you are a beginner then you must prefer Steel or Aluminum build-in material rackets. You can play badminton on a routine basis for practice. 

In case, if you are Intermediates badminton players you must prefer Carbon fiber build-in material rackets. This type of rackets is more suitable for Intermediates players to have quick shots, defends and smashes. 

Advanced & professional badminton players must get rackets made of complete Graphite. They need complete comfort while having a game as they prefer dynamic shots, drives, drops, terrific smashes and defends. 

3. Head shape 

Generally, there are two types of head shape in racket, Oval and Isometric. 

If you are a beginner or intermediate badminton player then you must prefer Isometric head-shaped rackets. This type of rackets has large sweet spots which let the player have easier shots. Large sweet spots help intermediate players for quick drives, defends and placing. They can have awesome smashes using the Isometric rackets to gain positive points. 

Oval head-shaped rackets are meant for advanced and professional badminton players. This type of rackets needs more concentration as it includes small sweet spots. Advanced badminton players prefer Oval framed racket as it gives them complete control for placing the shuttle at the desired location. 

4. Shaft flexibility 

Before buying a racket users must decide whether they need a stable shaft or a flexible shaft in their racket. Racket with flexible shaft will let you have quick placing, drops and great drives. Flexible Shaft keeps on moving after a shot or smash, some of the players prefer this type of movements. 

In case, if you are very fond of defend and smashes than you have to prefer the stiff and stable shaft. To have a proper defence and powerful smash the player must have rackets control. Even though after having a terrific smash, the shaft will let you have stable control on racket without any movement. Thus, it depends on your skill which shaft to be preferred for playing the badminton.

6. Price

The price for the badminton differs depending on the brand and its quality. Multiple brands are available in the market that deals with rackets but their quality differs. It depends on you how much to spend on a racket; make a decision depending on your playing stage. 

If you are a beginner then you can prefer steel or aluminium build in material badminton rackets. These types of rackets are meant for long durability and are available in the market at an affordable price. 

In case, if you are an intermediate badminton player than you must prefer the racket made of carbon fiber. This type of racket is meant for comfort, they are light in weight comparing aluminium and steel rackets. The player can have a good game and can avoid unwanted shoulder pains using the rackets made up of carbon fiber. 

Advanced and professional players must rely on complete graphite build-in material. They need the best and tough quality rackets because they represent a club or country. Professional players are very fond of hitting terrific smashes, drives, drops, defends and placing. They require the best badminton rackets with all good features. Strings quality must be good, the frame must be Oval shaped, the shaft must be stiff and stable, must include quality grip with appropriate holding size. These types of rackets are very costly and are mainly manufactured for Advanced and professional badminton players.

FAQ for Badminton Racket

1. Which is the best badminton racket under 2000?

Yonex Nanoray Light 18i is one of the best badminton rackets under 2000 which are made of carbon graphite material.

2. Which Yonex Nanoray is best?

Yonex Nanoray 6000I is one of the best rackets that you can get at an affordable price, which are light in weight.

3. Which grip size is best for badminton?

G3 size (3.5 inches) is the best size meant for grip in a badminton racket. Yonex GR 303 is one of the best rackets that are available in the market with G3 size grip.

4. Which badminton racket is best for Smash?

Li-Ning Turbo X 80-II rackets are one of the best badminton rackets which are useful for powerful smashes. They are extremely light in weight for comfortable use.

5. Which badminton racket is best for kids?

Feroc Badminton rackets are best for kids made of steel material. The package includes 2 rackets, 3 free shuttlecocks and a full-size cover bag.


We hope you got the useful information related to your search for the best badminton racket under 2500. After reading our article we are pretty sure that you have a clear understanding to choose the convenient one for buying. We recommend Yonex Nanoray D1 racket as it made up carbon fiber material and includes the best G3 grip with pre-installed strings.

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