Best Inverters In India 2020 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Looking for the best Inverter in India for your home use, commercial use, or Office use? Well then, you have spotted the right Post and website. We always ensure our Viewers to provide the best products reviews, and likewise, to provide you with the best Inverter reviews we did a proper analytics study and did a practical test on almost every Inverter available in the market and ultimately Ended up with our top 7 best inverters for you in India 2020.

Our selections contain both expensive and budget-friendly Inverters with better reliability and performance quality. So, you can make the best buy for yourself from our top 7 list without the hassle of going through a bunch of them. 

And also to give the best source and understanding on how to make the right purchase for yourself according to your requirements we have added a Buyers guide and a Comparison table below, so make sure to go through it before you read the product reviews.


Best Inverters 2020 Reviews 


Best Seller Best Seller
Microtek UPS EB 700 VA UPS
  • Compatible :12 Volt 60amp Batteries
  • Production:The UPS Mode And MCB
  • Operate :Easy To Operate And Maintain
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best Rated best Rated
V-Guard Prime 1150 DUPS
  • Mode:Dual Mode, Battery Topping Reminder, Mute Buzzer
  • Production:Minimal Noise Productions
  • Performance :High-Performance Selection Switch
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Power Saver Power Saver
Luminous Zelio 1100 Inverter UPS
  • Budget:Budget-Friendly And Fast Charging
  • Production:Easy UPS Bypass And MCB
  • Operations :Noiseless Operations And Energy-Efficient
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Best Budget Best Budget
V-Guard 1200VA Sine Wave
  • Budget:Budget-Friendly
  • Capacity:960 WATTS Battery Charging Capacity
  • Output:Gives Pure Sine Wave Power Output
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Bit Expensive Bit Expensive
Luminous 3.5 KVA Pure Sine
  • Uses:Best For Home And Commercial Use
  • Speed:A Very Fast Charging Speed
  • Product:It Is A Heavy Duty Product
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Best Investment Best Investment
Luminous Zolt 1100 Inverter
  • Design:Best For Home Appliances
  • Budget:Budget-Friendly And Reliable
  • Technology:Pure Sine Wave TECHNOLOGY
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Reasonable Price Reasonable Price
Luminous Zelio 1100i UPS
  • Compatible :Compatible With Bluetooth
  • Readability:LCD Display For Better Readability
  • Protection:MCB Protection And Bypass Switch
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1.Microtek UPS EB 700 VA UPS Inverter

  • The Microtek is a Taiwan-based multinational Electronics Company and the Microtek UPS EB 700 VA UPS Inverter is our first recommendation to you if you are looking for the cheapest and ideal Home use Inverter In 2020.
  • It comes with a 165Ah battery capacity and With this, you will be able to use 4 Light + 4 Fan + 1 TV at the same time without any interruptions in the system. And it also has Protection: overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, reverse polarity. So, you don’t need to worry about any faults in circuits or systems.
  • Even at this reasonable price range, it is designed with thUPS mode to provide you the best performance and experience while using any electronic devices, mostly Computers.


  • Comes with smart features like the  Digital Signal Controller (DSC) Based Intelligent Control system and Auto Reset.
  • It also comes with the UPS mode and MCB protection.
  • Very much budget-friendly and energy-efficient.
  • Compatible with even 12 Volt 60amp batteries.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.


  • No such cons were encountered.

Warranty: 2 years onsite warranty.

Overall Ratings: 4.6/5

Final Verdict : This Inverter is our first recommendation for the one who needs an Inverter under 3000 Rs for Home use. This inverter is well designed with latest technology and features like the Digital Signal Controller (DSC), UPS mode, etc.


2.V-Guard Prime 1150 DUPS

  • If you are looking for a Budget-friendly high-performance Sine-wave Inverter then, the V-Guard Prime 1150 DUPS is a perfect piece for you. It has the High-performance selection Feature to keep your home Appliances running for longer periods by supplying only the required amount of power. 
  • With this Inverter, you can keep your Battery durable because it has the Battery Topping reminder feature to always keep you updated with the battery distilled water level. It even ensures to keep the battery Healthy with the Battery builder gravity feature.
  • It has the Visual and Audio Indicators to keep track of the Inverter and is Compatible with various battery types of up to 80-230Ah.


  • Dual Mode, Battery Topping reminder, Mute Buzzer options features.
  • Best for Home use and Very much Budget-friendly.
  • Minimal noise productions during operations.
  • High-performance selection switch.


  • Only one socket is available.
  • No Digital Display screen.
  • No bypass switch.

Warranty:  2 years 

Overall Ratings: 4.2/5

Value For Money: 4.3/5

Final Verdict: it is mostly designed to keep your battery Durable and also comes with a bunch of Smart Features, best for home use. So, if you are looking for an Inverter to keep your battery healthy then, this is the best investment you can make.


3.Luminous Zelio 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter UPS

  • This Inverter is one of the best selling Inverters in India designed to Run appliances like Fans, Laptops, LED TV, Lights, Mixer Grinder, Personal Computers, Refrigerator, etc, without any Interrupt.
  • When you look at the safety of using this Inverter, It is well equipped with a bypass switch and MCB protection to avoid any kinds of internal circuits damage or electric Surge, Overload, deep discharge, etc. You can even maintain the battery water level without any Hassle with this Inverter.
  • It Supports Flat Plate, Tubular & VRLA (SMF) batteries with a Capacity of 900 VA and operates Noiselessly with the help of low harmonic distortion. It also has the ECO and USP Model ensuring the Most energy-efficient and the safety of your appliances and your Battery. You can use the UPS mode while using a Computer or Tv. 


  • Budget-friendly and fast Charging.
  • You can pair with 150 ah luminous battery.
  • Noiseless operations and energy-efficient.
  • It can run Home appliances without any interruptions.
  • Comes with Easy UPS bypass and MCB protection.
  • It is a Pure Sine Wave Inverter with UPS Intelligent operating system.


  • No such Legit Cons were found.

Warranty: 24 months of On-site warranty

Overall Ratings: 4/5

Value For Money: 4.1/5

Final Verdict: If you wanna Set a long-lasting power backup system in your home with the most safety measures, then the Luminous Zelio 1100 Home Pure Sinewave Inverter can be the best buy. It not only ensures safety operations but also it is very much Budget-friendly and is one of the best selling on Amazon.


4.V-Guard 1200VA Sine Wave 1450 Inverter

  • The V-Guard 1200VA Sine Wave 1450 Inverter is designed with the Digital Signal Controller-Based technology to ensure pure output during the operations making it very much energy-efficient and Noiseless. 
  • If you care about the health of your battery then you don’t need to worry, it has the battery gravity builder that ensures overcharge and deep discharge protection. 
  • It has the Smart Features like the UPS mode Automatic battery water level Indicator. And you will be able to run this Inverter in the normal/high voltage modes for different output voltage performances.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Gives pure sine wave power output.
  • It has the UPS/Normal mode.
  • Automatic Battery water level Indicator.
  • 960 wATTS Battery charging Capacity.


  • Has a selectable charging mode for different battery technologies.

Warranty: 2 years 

Overall Ratings:4.1/5

Final Verdict: We recommend you to go for this Inverter if your budget is under 7000 Rs because this is the best you can find at this price range in the Market. This inverter is very versatile and has a wide range of smart features and batteries compatibility. 


5.Luminous 3.5 KVA Pure Sine Cruze Wave Inverter

  • This inverter is designed with a metallic body and has a Charging capacity of 1600 watts. It can be used for heavy-duty purposes and Home appliances. With this, you will be able to Run A.C and the refrigerator at the same time, including 3 Led tube lights and 3 Ceiling fans.
  • When it comes to safety, It has the MCB and bypass switch to give full Protection on Overload, short-circuit, and many more. And a battery capacity of 135 Ah – 180Ah is recommended for better compatibility with this Inverter and it is compatible with multiple types of battery.
  • It has the LCD large Display to have an easy monitor over the status of battery charging, battery level, etc. And also to ensure the most durability and faster charging. It has the Adaptive Battery Charging Control System technology (ABCC).


  • Best for Home and Commercial use.
  • It has a very fast charging speed.
  • Comes with an intuitive Display.
  • It is a Heavy Duty product.
  • You can pair any two batteries of 150-220 AH capacity.


  • The Service center is not that Broad.

Warranty: 2years

Overall Ratings: 4/5

Final Verdict: This Inverter is a little bit expensive then the rest, but if you want a long-lasting battery backup with futureproof assurances then, going for this Inverter is just the best decision you can make.


6.Luminous Zolt 1100 Inverter Sine Wave Home UPS

  • The Luminous Zolt 1100 Inverter Sine Wave is designed with MCB technology to protect against any short circuits in the system by automatically switching off the electrical circuits to prevent any casualties. It has a capacity of 900 VA and 756W rated power with fast charging feature.
  • The best thing about this Inverter is that it has a 32 bit DSP Processor. It optimizes the back-up & battery charging based on load supply and requirements, making it very much versatile.
  • It has an Intuitive LCD Display to show you important readings. And also comes with the Alarm system to alert you if any faulty is encountered in circuits.


  • It has come with a bunch of smart features like  Eco/UPS Mode, Safety Alarm, etc.
  • Budget-friendly and reliable
  • Noiseless operations and easy to operate
  • Pure Sine Wave TECHNOLOGY
  • Designed to be best for Home appliances 


  • Compatible with a minimum of 100 mAh batteries
  • Battery voltage readings are not visible

Warranty: 2Years

Overall Ratings: 3.8/5

Final Verdict: If your budget is under 6000 RS then, this Inverter can be the best investment you can make. It is designed with a 32bit processor intelligent and smart features best for Home use.


7.Luminous Zelio 1100i Smart Home UPS

  • The Luminous Zelio is a Smart Inverter designed with the 32 bit DSP Processor and supports Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect your Smartphones or Iphones to this Inverter and can have full control over it. You will be able to have full statistics data of your Devices in your Phone Screen.
  • It has a 900 VA battery charging capacity and can run 3 Tubelight, 3 CFL, 3 Ceiling fans, 1Television, and 1 Refrigerator at the same time without any fluctuations in the system.
  • To avoid any casualties in case of any Short Circuits in the System, this Inverter is well equipped with the MCB protection feature, and also comes with a Bypass switch.


  • Compatible with Bluetooth.
  • Very much Budget-friendly.
  • LCD Display for better readability.
  • The ideal Charging capacity of 900Ah.
  • You can even run heavy appliances.
  • Comes with MCB protection and Bypass switch.
  • Best for Home Use with its Smart control options.


  • Bluetooth connectivity can be improved.

Warranty: 2years

Overall Ratings: 3.5/5

Final Verdict: Looking for a Smart Inverter with a very reasonable price for your home use? Then, this is the perfect match for you. It has an ideal battery charging capacity and you can connect your Phones with this Inverter to have full control over it through your phones.


Buying Guidelines For the Best Inverters 2020 

Knowing what to consider before buying an Inverter is not only beneficial for your Buy, but it can even save you from being scammed in the Market while buying them one. So, make sure to stay tuned until the end.

  • Normal/UPS Inverter: There are two types of Inverters in the Market normally known as Normal or UPS Inverter. Normal Inverter is not recommended for office use or if you wanna keep running electricity without any interruptions, because the Normal Inverter takes a longer time to start operating during the time of power cut off. But, the UPS Inverter keeps your Computer or any appliances running without any interruptions during the time of Main Power line cut off, and you won’t even realize the power got cut off.
  • Pure Sine Wave or Square Wave Inverter?
  • Square Wave Inverter is the oldest technology Inverter and it is not very reliable. It produces much noise, not very safe, and does give the same power output as the original power source. So, avoid these types of Inverters at all costs.
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter is the latest technology Inverter and is considered to be very reliable. It is a low noise operation and provides the original power source. This type of inverter is designed with Intelligent features and is highly recommended.
  • Inverter Power Output(VA): An Inverter power output value is calculated in the VA unit (Volt per Ampere). So, if you know the VA of the Inverters and wattage of all the appliances you will be using, you will be able to make the right Inverter VA value.


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