Best Laptop Cooling Pad In India 2020 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

“There is an old saying that a Hot headed person is not stable in his ways” Just like that a Laptop also becomes unstable when it gets overheated, mostly during Gaming or operating it for longer periods of time. 

But don’t worry there is a remedy to it, just get a Cooling Pad for your laptops. Now you may say why would I buy a Cooling pad when my Laptop is integrated with the Cooling system? 

Well, that’s not a new thing that every Laptop user has, it was when I realized that my Razer Blade 15 which is known for its reputations, performance, and ability to withstand heats was also having Heating issues too. And it has an adverse effect on my GPU and CPU making it slow to execute any program. Then after getting a cooling pad the issue was resolved. 

Even if you take nice care of your Laptop by installing a bunch of software to make your processor smooth or upgrading the system every time, it will be of no use if you don’t use a cooling pad. 

You know why?

It is because, with the rise in Heat, the GPU is more likely to get damaged as it can withstand the heat of only to a range of 30°C-85°C and up to 95°C-105°C if your Laptop has higher-end video cards. And also it affects the Processor performance drastically by interrupting the fetching and execution process of the Program.

So, to provide you with the best Cooling Pad available in India at a price range of 1000 to 2000 Rs we did deep research and ended with the top 7 list for you. 

Note: Our top 7 list products were 100% tested before we could recommend you, and also our website has been dedicated to providing the most genuine and legit product reviews to the viewers.

Best Laptop Cooling Pad In India 2020

best seller best seller
TopMate C5 12-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler
  • Quality:Fans operate at a minimal noise level
  • Compitable:It sucks the Air instead of emitting it
  • Connectivity:Capable of tolerating strong heat dissipation
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budget friendly budget friendly
Deepcool Multi Core X6 Notebook Cooler
  • Quality:Best for Notebook
  • Compitable:Excellent Body built quality
  • Connectivity:2 USB ports are available
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Best Cooling Effect Best Cooling Effect
Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad(RED)
  • Quality:Fastest cooling effect
  • Compitable:Designed with 5 cooling fans
  • Connectivity:2 USB ports are provided
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highly recommanded highly recommanded
Tarkan 6 Fans Powerful LED Cooling Pad
  • Quality:Fast cooling effect
  • Compitable:Comes with 6 fans
  • Connectivity:2 USB ports are available
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good looking design good looking design
Xmate Laptop Cooling Pad  Support
  • Quality:Noiseless Operations
  • Compitable:Every Laptops
  • Connectivity:2 USB ports
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best rated best rated
Lapcare Ergonomic Laptop Cooling Pad
  • Quality:Lightweight
  • Compitable:Wide range of compatibility
  • Connectivity:2 USB ports available
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best Product best Product
Honeywell Vogue Cool Laptop Cooling Pad
  • Quality:Lightweight of just 36.3 g
  • Compitable:Very much portable and organized
  • Connectivity:2 USB ports available
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1. TopMate C5 12-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler

The Topmate C5 cooling pad body is built with a premium Plastic and the Mesh is made of metal weighing only 200g, so there will be no issue in carrying anywhere with you. It has a very versatile Tilting as it allows you to adjust the height according to your desires with the 5 height settings, and also it can be placed on any surface. Sometimes you might run out with the interface in your Laptop so to avoid this It has an extra slot for you to connect your mouse directly to the cooling pads without any hassle. 

This cooling pad is well-engineered with 5 fans that run at a max speed of 2500 RPM best for cooling your Laptop down upto 20-30 degrees celsius. You also get to change the fan speed as per your requirements with the Arbitrary switching three modes. Besides providing a good cooling system this cooling pad with the blue lighting fans gives the predator looks and looks best with the Gaming Laptops.  

Energy consumption wise it is very much energy efficient as you can run this even with the middle fan alone, 4 fans or either 5 fans. And Not forgetting that it has a Digital Display to keep you track with all the parameters.


  • Fans operate at a minimal noise level 
  • It sucks the Air instead of emitting it
  • Capable of tolerating strong heat dissipation


  • Not for 17 inches screen size Laptops

Overall Ratings: 4.1/5

Warranty: 1 year

Verdict: This Cooling pad is most compatible with a Gaming Laptop and under the price range of 1500 INR in India it is just unbeatable.


2. Deepcool Multi Core X6 Notebook Cooler (Black)

The Deepcool Multi Core X6  has the most adorable looks, designed in Butterfly shaped and is engineered to be a perfect match with the Notebooks of screen size ranging from 15.6 inches and below. This is heavier than the topmate C5 cooling pad, but trust me it has the sturdiest body built quality that you won’t get under 3000 Rs in India.

It has four fans and they are equally segmented into upper and lower parts, you can run them separately as per the requirements. The upper fans are capable of running at a speed of 1200 RPM and the lower fans are 1000 RPM. With this RPM it can reduce the temperature by 7-8 degrees celsius.

The weak point of this Cooling pad is that it does not have an adjustable Tilt to increase or decrease the height as required, but instead it comes with a supporting foot that has only a fixed 9° viewing angle. So, it does not give the best comfort while using it.


  • Excellent Body built quality
  • 2 USB ports are available
  • Best for Notebook
  • Has a blooming looks


  • Airflow could be somehow improve
  • Compatible with only upto a max of 15.6inches laptop

Overall Ratings: 4.1/5

Warranty: 1 year

Verdict: The cooling takes time but does a great job by directly targeting the HDD or VGA card area and keeping the Laptop last longer than you can imagine.


3. Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad(RED)

This Cooling pad is one of my favorites as it is a masterpiece for my Predator Laptop. The red LED from the cooling pad and together with the red backlit of my keyboard gives the best combinations, with this I feel like I own the best PS4 gaming setup. It is compatible with any Gaming Laptop of 14-17 inches. Since gaming Laptops get heated up very fast, this cooling pad is mostly engineered to give the fastest cooling effect with the MAX RPM of 5200 at very low power consumption as well.

Give yourself the most comfortable posture while playing games or staying late on your Laptops with the 7 level adjustable height settings.


  • Wide range of adjustable height
  • Designed with 5 cooling fans
  • Low power consumptions 
  • 2 USB ports are provided
  • Ideal RPM for a gaming laptop


  • No such cons were encountered

Overall Ratings: 3.9/5

Warranty: 1 year

Verdict: This is totally unbeatable! The only perfect cooling pad for the Gaming Laptops under 2000 Rs in India. This is compatible with every gaming Laptop, but it looks more stunning with the MSI, Razer Blade, and Predator Laptops.


4. Tarkan 6 Fans Powerful LED Cooling Pad for 13 to 17 Inch Laptops

This is one of the most versatile cooling laptops as it is compatible with 13-17 inches laptops. It has 6 fans that are capable of running speed of up to a RPM of 2600 to give the most cooling effect to your Laptop even while playing high graphics games over a period of time. Now, talking about the design, the body is built with ABS plastic, and the Anti-slip surface of this cooling pad holds the Laptop strongly.

The cool characteristics of this cooling pad is the LCD display Temperature and Speed indicators. You get to keep full track on the temperature and Fan speed parameters. Besides this it also provides an easy fan controller placed just under the Display. Press the +icons to increase and -icons to minimize the speed.


  • LCD Display
  • Anti slip feature
  • Easy control
  • Fast cooling effect
  • Comes with 6 fans
  • 2 USB ports are available
  • Compatible with every Laptop


  • Only 5 fans has the LED light
  • The Built quality could have been better

Overall Ratings: 3.5/5

Warranty: 1 year

Verdict: It is a giant cooling pad with the 6 fans with blue LED lights, and  the cooling process is very fast. Plus it is easily compatible with any Laptops.A cooling pad like this under 2000 Rs in India is rare.


5. Xmate Laptop Cooling Pad  Support 10 inches to 17 inches Laptops

The cooling pad from the Xmate is more versatile than the Tarkan 6 cooling pad because it is compatible with 10 to 17 inches laptops. With the adjustable height settings you can adjust the viewing angle and height of the pad as per your requirements. The surface is made of anti-slip properties and hence avoids slipping of the Laptops. The body built quality is not that great but it is somehow lightweight weighing only 898g.

It has four fans that are designed to give airflow in aerodynamic directions. The Speed of fan is just 1500 max rpm, hence it might be that much efficient while profiling Gaming for longer time, but works great for office use and browsing.

While using this with my laptop I found that the CPU temperature was dropped to 5-6 degrees celsius.


  • Noiseless Operations
  • 2 USB ports
  • Lightweight
  • versatile


  • Built  quality is poor
  • Does not reduce much temperature

Overall Ratings: 3.5/5

Warranty: 1 year

Verdict: This Cooling pad somehow has lower cooling performance but believe me it has the most good looking design compatible with every Laptops and at the price range of 1500, it is a good deal.


6. Lapcare Ergonomic Laptop Cooling Pad

On our no. 6 We have the Lapcare Ergonomic laptop cooling Pad is our most Budget-friendly recommendations for you with the price range of just 1000 Rs, and I assure you with this price range there is no chance to get like this one.

It is engineered with only two LED fans and can run only at a maximum speed of 1000 RPM, so not recommended for gaming Laptops as it can reduce the heat by just around 4-5 Celcius.

It is compatible with 15.6 -17 inches laptops and has a sturdy body built quality that it can withstand the weight of 2-5Kgs. Unlike other cooling pads, it does not come with folding legs, but instead like it is designed with the whole body Folding design of 1.4 inches height.


  • 2 USB ports available
  • Wide range of compatibility
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy body built
  • Unique stands support


  • Fan speed is slow
  • Only 2 fans
  • Not for Gaming Laptop

Overall Ratings: 3.6/5

Warranty: 1 year

Verdict: Once again this is not for the gaming Laptops, but runs ideal for other Laptops. It weighs just 685g making it easy to carry and the sturdy body built quality makes it worthy to buy this. This suits best for office and college use.


7. Honeywell Vogue Cool Laptop Cooling Pad

The Honeycomb company has been providing the best Products over the past decades and we want to end our product reviews with one of my favorite Cooling pads from Honeycomb. That is the Honeywell Vogue cooling pad designed to give a max fan speed of 1900 Rpm with minimal fan noise, and compatible with gaming to normal Laptops. It is very comfortable to use while gaming or typing and gives a 9-degree perfect viewing angle.

With this, you don’t need an extra pocket to carry the Cable as it comes with an organized spot at the back of it to store the cable.

Overall Ratings: 3.9/5

Warranty: 3 years


  • Lightweight of just 36.3 g
  • Very much portable and organized


  • No-adjustable height

Verdict: At the price range of 1200Rs, a cooling pad like this is unique. This is also one of my favorite cooling pads because it is very much portable and the organized cable spaced at the back is just authentic and the overall cooling effect is also ideal for any laptops.


Buyers Guidelines For Laptops Cooling Pad

Some of the main things you should spectate before buying a Cooling pad are as follows:

For what purpose are you going to use?

Before buying a cooling pad it is good to know what purpose you are going to buy: if you wanna use it for gaming then make sure that the cooling pass you buy has the Fan speed of minimum of 19000RPM and can go upto 5200 RPM for best performance. Even if you are not using it for Gaming it is always good to have a cooling pad with Higher RPM.

Compatibility: If you wanna use the cooling pad for any type of Laptop see that it is compatible with 10-17 inches Laptops.

Adjustable Height: Even if it does not come with the adjustable tilt it will be okay to use it but, if you have back pain or muscle strains see that the cooling pad you choses has 4-7 height adjustable settings.

Anti-slip: See that your cooling pad has the Anti-slip surface to avoid slipping off your laptop while using it.

If you want a fast cooling effect see that the fans are well designed to give a good amount of airflow directly to the parts where heating is more, in this way you can even keep your Laptop study and long-lasting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laptop Cooling Pads

1. Which is the best cooling pad for Laptop in India 2020?

After a deep research, we found out that the following cooling pad is the best as it is energy-efficient, sturdy, and has a fast cooling system. 

 They are:

  • TopMate C5 12-15.6 inch(meant for gaming Laptop).
  • Deepcool Multi Core X6 (works best with any Notepad).
  • Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad(Meant for a hardcore Gaming laptop).
  • Tarkan Powerful LED Cooling Pad (Meant to give deep cooling effect for all type Laptops).
  • Xmate Laptop Cooling Pad(best for both gaming and normal Laptops)
  • Lapcare Ergonomic Laptop cooling pad(Not for Gaming Laptop)
  • Honeywell vogue laptop cooling pad(Most Lightweight pad)

2. Does a Laptop cooling pad improve performance?

 Definitely yes!

The CPU and GPU become unstable at high temperatures which is inevitable. So, the only solution is to get a cooling pad. The cooling pad targets the laptop’s hardware where the heat is more and directly cools down by giving a good amount of air flows in it. Cooling Pad is highly recommended for gamers, and no doubt even if you don’t play games if you wanna keep your laptop long-lasting than having a cooling pad is ideal.

3. Which Laptop cooling pad is best for gaming use?

The Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad is mostly designed for gaming Laptops as it is engineered with a  MAX fan speed of 5200 RPM ensuring fast cooling effect, and also the power consumption is comparatively as per the RPM speed. Besides the good cooling effect, it has the predator design with the RED LED light and looks really great with the MSI, Razer Blade, and Predator laptops.


These were some of the best laptop cooling pads available in the market with the best deals under 1000 to 2000 Rs in India.

The Honeywell Vogue cooling pad amazed me with its lightweight body built and the decent cooling effect, I personally like to use it while going on a journey as it is easily portable.

For Gaming, I found that Cosmic Byte Asteroid Laptop Cooling Pad is way better than the rest, and if you stay late in Laptop or play Games consistently then I suggest you go for this without any hesitations.

Hope our product reviews and buyer guidelines were helpful to you, looking forward to writing to you again. Please make sure to comment down for any queries, thank you for reading.

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