Top 7 Best Monitor Under 10000 In India 2020 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Are you in a dilemma on how to choose the best monitor under 10k in India? Well then, you have just spotted the right website and article. Here we have provided with the top 7 best monitors under 10k you can ever find in India.

Having a high profile monitor for your Desktop PC, Laptop or Playstation is a wise investment. It has a higher refresh rate which provides the most stable image and smooth performance while computing and high coded games or Softwares. When you look at the Display quality and eye-care level it is the best.

There are a bunch of monitors under 10k in India but to let you make the right purchase according to your desire and requirement, we did a lot of research on almost all the monitors under this price range and concluded with the top 7 best list for you. Our top 7 best monitor list in India is a combination for every purpose monitor like Gaming, Photo Video editing, Entertainment, General use, and Home office use.

Top 7 Best Monitor Under 10000


Best Selling Best Selling
BenQ 24-inch-entertainment monitor
  • Quality:Photo And Video Editing
  • Protection:An Eye-Care Monitor
  • Outstanding:Gaming High Coded Games Like GTA, Etc.
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Samsung 23.5 inch-Slim Monitor
  • Quality:Great Viewing Angle And Resolutions
  • Protection:The Eye-Care Technology
  • compatible:A Very Sleek And Slim Design Monitor
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AMD Radeon Freesync Technology AMD Radeon Freesync Technology
Acer Nitro 21.5 inch-Gaming Monitor
  • Quality:Excellent Specifications
  • Support:The AMD Free Sync Even On Xbox And PS4
  • compatible:2 HDMI Ports
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Budget friendly Budget friendly
ASUS 21.5inch-Gaming Monitor
  • Quality:High Contrast Ratio
  • Connectivity:Playing Gun-Shooting Games Like Pubg, Fornite, Etc
  • compatible:A Wide Range Of Viewing Angles
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A Better Entertainment And Gaming A Better Entertainment And Gaming
AOC 23.8 inch IPS Monitor
  • Quality:High Response Time And Ideal Brightness Level
  • Connectivity:High Resolutions
  • compatible:Good For Entertainment At This Price Range
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LG 22 inch Monitor
  • Quality:4 Screen Split.
  • Connectivity:AMD Free Sync Feature
  • compatible:A Full HD IPS Display
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Cheaper Price Cheaper Price
HP 22 inch Ultra-Slim LED
  • Quality:Low Blue Light Emitting Monitor
  • Connectivity: A Very High Response Time
  • compatible:Budget-Friendly And Very Much Portable
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1. BenQ 24-inch-(best entertainment monitor under 10k):

If you are looking for entertaining and home office use purpose then this is the best pick for you. This product is one of the best selling monitors under 10000 you can ever find in 2020. This product has a 4.5 stars rating on Amazon.


  • 8 inches screen size
  • FHD resolutions
  • Sculpted base
  • Ultra-Slim Bezel Design
  • 5ms and 60Hz response time and frequency rate
  • 1VGA,1HDMI, 1 Audio In, and 1 Headphone ports
  • Up to 250 cd/m² of brightness level with 16:9 of aspect ratio
  • IPS wide viewing angle of 178 degrees horizontal and vertical


  • Exclusive Eye-care Technology: This monitor is best for eye-care because it has features like the Brightness Intelligence technology, Blue light filters, and flicker-free technology to drop eye-strain in any ambient light.
  • DUAL IN-BUILT SPEAKER: It has a dual in-built 1-watt each speaker to give the most thrilling experience in entertainment to its users.

Suggestions: Go for this monitor if you want better-amplified audio.


  • This monitor is a great investment for you if you are setting up a mini Home-Theater, gaming stations, or office.
  • Best for Gaming high coded games like GTA, etc.
  • Great product for photo and video editing.
  • It is an eye-care monitor.


  • No such cons were found


2. Samsung 23.5 inch (best Super Slim Monitor under 10k):

The Samsung 23.5 inch is one of the most trending and standard super-slim monitors under 10000 in India. This product has a 4.1 stars rating on Amazon and is best for multitask use.


  • The super-slim IPS panel
  • FHD (1920 x 1080)
  • 16:9 of aspect ratio
  • AMD Freesync
  • Viewing angle of 178 degrees
  • Super Slim Design with IPS panel
  • 1 VGA and 1 HDMI ports for connectivity
  • 60Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time


  • Eye-saver mode: To reduce the risk of macular degeneration of your eyes while using the monitor, an eye-saver mode is featured in this monitor. It aims to minimize the blue light emission coming from the monitor to the eye retina.

Suggestions: If you are a person with eye problems this is just the perfect piece for you.


  • Manageable Backlit bleeding
  • It has the eye-care technology
  • Great Viewing angle and Resolutions
  • It is a very sleek and slim design Monitor
  • Best IPS monitor at this price range in India


  • There is no screen orientation and height adjustment


3. Acer Nitro 21.5 inch (FHD gaming monitor under 10k):

This monitor is our first recommendation for all high profile gamers. It has the AMD Radeon Freesync Technology best for playing any high coded Games and compatible with HD devices like Xbox and PS4.


  • 5 VA(Vertical Alignment) panel screen size
  • FHD 1920 X 1080 Resolution
  • Low Blue light emission
  • Flicker-free
  • A refresh rate of 75 Hz and 1ms response time
  • 1VGA and 2HDMI ports
  • 3y of warranty


  • VISUAL RESPONSE BOOST: This feature is a plus point for a high profile gamer because it can reduce the blurring of any image while playing games.

Suggestions: You can get no better gaming monitor in India under this price range.


  • This monitor comes with 2 HDMI ports which every monitor does not provide
  • It has a higher refresh rate than the other at this price range monitor
  • Supports the AMD Free Sync even on Xbox and PS4
  • Excellent specifications
  • Value for money


  • Not meant for Entertainment purpose


4. ASUS 21.5inch (Budget-friendly LCD gaming monitor):

Are you a Gamer and searching for a monitor to set up a budget-friendly PlayStation? Then, this monitor is the one for you. It has the Game plus Technology to provide the most thrilling gaming experience.


  • 5-inch screen size
  • FHD (1920×1080) resolutions
  • 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio
  • HDMI, DVI-D, and D-sub ports for connectivity
  • 60 Hz refresh rate and 100-240 voltage consumptions
  • TN (Twisted Nematic) panel with 16.7 M colors numbers


  • ASUS-EXCLUSIVE GAMEPLUS TECHNOLOGY: This feature enables the gamer to be more accurate at aiming and shooting and is best for playing any shooting games
  • 5 WATT STEREO SPEAKERS: With the inbuilt stereo speakers of this monitor you would not require any additional speakers. This assures to give the best audio experience for entertainment and gaming

Suggestion: We recommend you to go for this gaming monitor if your budget is just around 8000.


  • High contrast ratio
  • Low blue light Emission
  • It has 3 years of warranty
  • This monitor has a rating of 5/5 stars
  • It is a flicker-free monitor with a wide range of viewing angles
  • Best for playing Gun-shooting games like Pubg, Fornite, etc


  • No such cons were Found


5. AOC 23.8 inch monitor(best IPS monitor under 10k):

Are you so much into watching Netflix, or any entertainment series? Then grab the AOC 23.8 inch monitor now. Unlike any other monitor, this monitor has the Bodderlees feature to ensure that you get the full-screen display. And also it is very sleek and attractive to the viewers.


  • IPS panel with FHD 1920×1080 resolution
  • VGA/HDMI connectivity ports
  • 7ms Response time
  • 60HZ refresh rate
  • 178 viewing angle
  • Wall mountable
  • 3Y warranty


  • 250 NITS BRIGHTNESS LEVEL: With this brightness level you will be able to get a very bright display necessary to have a better entertainment and gaming experience.

Suggestion: If you are looking for a monitor with an ideal brightness level and response time then, this is a good go.


  • This monitor has a rating of 4.2 stars
  • Good for entertainment at this price range.
  • High response time and ideal brightness level
  • It is a flicker-free monitor and has High resolutions


  • Not so good for the Gaming experience


6. LG 22 inch Monitor(best for general use under 10k):

Are you looking for a multi-purpose monitor? Then, the LG 22 inch monitor will blow you away. It is meant for Gaming, Entertainment, office use, photo/video editing, and multitasking.


  • 1 DVI, 1HDMI, 1 Audio-Out, and 1 Headphone connectivity ports
  • Borderless IPS panel with FHD resolution
  • Viewing angle of 178 degrees
  • Power consumption 13.7 watt
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • 3 years warranty


  • 4 SCREEN SPLIT: With this feature, you will be able to conduct any four tasks simultaneously at one screen.
  • BLACK STABILIZER: This feature allows you to give you a better brightness level while playing low brightness games.


  • It is a great monitor for multitasking with the 4 screen split.
  • It has a full HD IPS display with a great viewing angle for entertainment.
  • It has the black stabilizer and AMD free sync feature for the better gaming experience.


  • No such cons were encountered.


7. HP 22 inch Monitor(best Ultra-slim LED Monitor under 10K):

If you are looking for an ultra-slim Monitor to customize your Playstation or Desk then, this monitor is meant for you! It provides ample space for the user to customize its Desk and is highly rated on Amazon with 4.4 stars out of 5.


  • IPS panel
  • 10M:1 contrast ratio
  • Micro-Edge Display with FHD resolution
  • HDMI, VGA and Audio connectivity ports
  • 178 wide range viewing angle
  • 14ms of response time
  • 60 Hz of Refresh rate
  • 3y warranty


  • LOW BLUE LIGHT MODE: This feature ensures the most eye-care of its users by minimizing the blue light level of the Screen.
  • 3-SIDED MICRO EDGE BEZEL: This feature allows the user to have ultra-widescreen visibility of the screen. It is designed to give the best detailed view of any object on the screen.

Suggestions: This is a great monitor for entertainment and even for multi-purpose.


  • Low blue light emitting monitor
  • Budget-friendly and very much portable
  • The Display quality and viewing angle is phenomenal
  • It has a very high response time which makes it best for faster loading of the image.


  • No such Cons were found.



  • Screen Size: The first and foremost object to be considered while buying a monitor is the screen size. Thus, If you are looking for an entertainment purpose monitor then always go with a screen size of 23-25inch, and 21-23 inch for work-related and gaming purposes.
  • Resolution: An HD resolution is ideal for a gaming experience, but if you want to have a more realistic gaming and movie experience then, go for Ultra-HD and 4K monitor.
  • Flicker-free: A Flicker-free Monitor reduces the eye-strain by canceling any unnecessary reflections of lights. Thus always go for those monitors with this feature to have a better eye comfort.
  • AMD Freesync: If you are a high profile gamer then having a monitor with AMD free Sync is a must. It avoids any tearing or shuttering of the screen while playing any high-end games.
  • Brightness Level: Without a good brightness level having a monitor of high resolution is worthless. So, it is ideal for you to go for those monitors with a minimum of 230-250 Nits.
  • Refresh rate: A higher refresh rate of the monitor is necessary for better and smooth operation while Gaming or operating any high coded program. So, if you are a programmer or gamer always go for at least 60Hz refresh rate and for whooping experience 240Hz.
  • Ports: If you wanna have a monitor that can be compatible with HD devices like Xbox, PS4, Set-top box, Computers. Then always look for a monitor with both HDMI and VGA ports.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1.Which is the best gaming laptop under 10k in India?

The Acer Nitro QG221Q 21.5 Inch is one of the best gaming monitors you can ever imagine to have under this price range. It provides you Full HD Gaming quality and has a higher refresh rate for better image load and also it has the AMD Radeon Freesync Technology to give you the smoothest gaming experience.

2.Which is the best Video and Photo editing monitor under 10k in India?

The BenQ GW2480 24-inch Eye Care Monitor is the best monitor for video and photo editing under 10k in India. It has a wide range viewing angle of 178 degrees and has great brightness level with low blue light emission technology to ensure no eye-strain while you stay late on your Desk.

3.Which type of Monitor Panel is best?

The TN(Twisted Nematic) panel is considered to be cheapest and has ensured faster computing then the VA and IPS Panel.

4.Is a monitor better than a TV?

Yes! Because a TV does not have the Eye-care technology like the monitor and also the Pictures and videos are better on the Monitor. If you want to replace your TV with a monitor then always go for larger screen size and higher resolutions.

Ultimate Verdict: If you are looking for a multitasking monitor under 10k then the LG 22 inch Monitor at the no. 6 will be the most reliable and perfect piece for you because it has the 4-Screen split features. And for FHD Gaming experience go for the Acer Nitro 21.5 inch placed on the no. 3.

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