Top 7 Best Ceiling Fans in India 2020 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

In India, every household must have a ceiling fan, so if you are seeking a ceiling fan then this post can guide you. 

The ceiling fan can be very reliable even if you have AC in your house because it can circulate air in the room and can also increase the cooling delivery of AC. So, to provide you with the top 7 best ceiling fans available in India we did a proper practical test and also did a proper review on Amazon and Google. 

There are many factors to consider before you can make the best choice in choosing a ceiling fan. But the foremost important is the RPM and CMM of a fan. So, we have provided only those fans with good RPM speed and CMM. And also to make it affordable for everyone we gave maximal importance on the Budget-friendly product with good specs.

Types of Ceiling fans:

  • Standard Ceiling Fans.
  • Low profile ceiling fans.
  • Remote control Ceiling fans.
  • Energy rated ceiling fans.
  • Industrial ceiling fans, etc.

Note: In India people the most common ceiling fans used are the Standard, low profile, remote control and energy rated ceiling fans, so we have only provided those fans in our post.

Top 7 Best Ceiling Fans 2020


Multi-Consumes PowerBenefits Multi-Consumes PowerBenefits
Orient Electric Aeroslim Smart Ceiling Fan
  • Power Consume:45 Watts Of Power
  • Air Delivery:240 CMM
  • Connectivity:Smartphone And Remote Control
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Sleek Looking Ceiling Sleek Looking Ceiling
Orient Electric Subaris ceiling fan
  • Power Consume:80 Watts Of Power
  • Air Delivery:Gives A Good Air Delivery
  • Connectivity:Reverse Rotation Feature
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Energy-Efficient Ceiling Energy-Efficient Ceiling
Attomberg Effico Ceiling Fan
  • Power Consume:28 Watts Of Power
  • Air Delivery:Gives A Good Air Delivery
  • Connectivity:Use Of A Remote
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Low Consumes Watts Low Consumes Watts
Life Long Energy Saving Ceiling Fan
  • Power Consume:28 Watts Of Power
  • Air Delivery:Wide Range Of Air Delivery
  • Connectivity:Remote Controller
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Budget Friendly Budget Friendly
Luminous New York Brooklyn Ceiling Fan
  • Power Consume:75 Watts
  • Air Delivery:Up To 230 Cmm
  • Connectivity:High Quality ABS Plastic Materials
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Premium Ceiling Fan Premium Ceiling Fan
Leganza Havells Ceiling Fan
  • Power Consume:72 Watts Of Power
  • Air Delivery:A Very Good Flow Of Air
  • Connectivity:A 4-Bladed Ceiling Fan Designed
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A Cute Little Ceiling A Cute Little Ceiling
Bajaj Maxima Ceiling Fan
  • Power Consume:66 Watts Of Power
  • Air Delivery:A Very Decent Air Delivery
  • Connectivity:Energy-Efficient And Budget-Friendly
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1. Orient Electric Aeroslim smart 1200mm remote control (underlight)ceiling fan

Do you desire to have a ceiling fan with the feature to let you have control over it with a remote or mobile phone? Well then, this fan can be the perfect piece for you. This product is multi-benefits for the users since it is an Underlight fan.

Premium Features:

  • This fan is an IOT based that enables the users to have full access over it with the help of the Orient smart mobile application.
  • You can even control it with the LED remote controller provided.
  • There is a reverse rotation feature to give the best experience during Winter.
  • The turbo mode of this product can give you the maximal speed when needed.
  • There is also a Built-in timer and sleep mode ensures to save electricity at the most.

Warranty: This product comes with a decent warranty period of two-years.


  • Excellent features.
  • It has an air delivery of 240 CMM.
  • It also has a built-in timer and lights.
  • You can run the fan even at reverse rotation.
  • It consumes only about 45 watts of power and is very much energy-efficient.
  • It is an IOT based ceiling fan and you can have full access to this fan with your smartphone or remote provided to you.


  • Not budget-friendly for everyone.


2. Orient Electric Subaris 1300mm ceiling fan (Under light)

If you are looking for a very sleek looking ceiling fan for your beautiful house then, Orient Electric Subaris ceiling fan can be the best option for you. It is crafted with an electroplated finish and has that wooden look. It has inbuilt light installation options to make it look very premium and reliable to the users.

Premium features:

  • It has the Reverse rotation feature for better experience in Winter.
  • It consumes power of around 80 watts at the mas speed.
  • The RPM of this fan is 270 and gives a good air delivery.

Warranty: This product has a warranty period of two-years.


  • The design of this fan is very dashing and sleek with the wood looking appearance.
  • The blades of this fan are hand moulded shanks which are very easy to install.
  • It has double bearings to ensure a noiseless operation.
  • The motor of this product is very durable and life-long.
  • It has a great air delivery and the warranty is decent.


  • The bulb is not provided for the in-built light system.


3. Attomberg Effico 1200mm Ceiling fan (remote control):

Are you in search of the most energy-efficient ceiling fans in India? Well then, the Atomberg Efficio 1200mm remote control fan can be the best option for you. It is a Bombay IIT innovation and consumes only 28 watts of power and the features will blow you away.

Premium features:

  • It has smart features like the Boost, sleep mode, and timer mode.
  • It is developed with the BLDC technology which is 3-times more effective than the induction motor fan.
  • When used at the lowest speed it consumes only 6 watts of power and at the highest is 28 watts.
  • You can have access to it with the use of a remote.

Warranty: It has a warranty period of two-years.


  • The UN, WWF, and the Government of India have awarded this company for its innovations towards their product design.
  • It is very much energy-efficient and the specification is excellent.
  • You can access this product with the remote even at a distance of 20 ft.
  • It is a Remote control based fan, and the air delivery is great.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • No such cons were found.


4. Life Long Energy saving 1200mm (5-star rated)ceiling fan:

The lifelong Energy Saving 1200 mm ceiling fans is a 5-star rated fan and is for real a lifelong energy-efficient ceiling fan. It consumes only 28 watt even at the full speed. So, if you are planning to buy budget-friendly and energy-efficient ceiling fans in India then, this can be the best one for you.

Premium Features:

  • It is a versatile remote operations fan, which gives total control over it with just one press.
  • The 1200 mm fan blades ensure a wide range of air delivery inside the room.
  • The timers and sleep mode allows you to set the fan to turn off or on at your desired timing.
  • You will be able to use the remote control from as far as 5 feets.

Warranty: This product comes with a one year of warranty period.


  • It is a 5-star rated product.
  • It has the remote controller to have full control over the fan with just 5 feet away from it.
  • It is a budget-friendly ceiling fan and is designed with Brushless Dc motor technology.
  • Wide range of air delivery and consumes only 28 watt of power at full speed.


  • The connectivity range can be upgraded.
  • The remote is not an LED display.


5. Luminous New York Brooklyn 1200 mm (Normal) ceiling fan:

The Luminous New york Borklym 1200 mm is a very budget-friendly and reliable  ceiling fan for all. It is designed with a monochrome blend and best known for the dust repellent properties. 

Premium Features:

  • It has a very fast RPM of up to 350 best for fast cooling of the rooms.
  • The air delivery coverage can range up to 230 cmm which is pretty good for a budgeted product.
  • It has the high quality motor to ensure the best heat dissipations.
  • The energy consumption rate is 75 watts.
  • The motor is covered with High quality ABS plastic materials to give the best protection over the motor.

Warranty: This product has a warranty period of 2-years.


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Best for the office and house.
  • It has a very good air delivery and RPM.
  • The warranty period is decent at this price range.
  • Easy to install and comes with a premium dust repellent feature.


  • The power consumption rate is a bit high.
  • This is not a remote control based fan.


6. Leganza 1200mm Havells ceiling fan (four blade):

Are you looking for a premium ceiling fan to add a finishing touch for your office or home space? Well then, the Havells Leganza 1200 mm ceiling fan can be the best option for you. It is designed with metallic paint and comes with an exotuic blade trims, perfect for air delivery.

Premium Features:

  • Its RPM is 350 covering the room of about 230 CMM which is pretty good.
  • It is a 4-bladed ceiling fan designed to give a good cooling effect to the users.
  • The power consumption of this fan is about 72 watts at the max speed level.
  • It is perfect fit for an office or housing space of 65sq.feet to 100 sq.feet

Warranty: It has a decent warranty period of two-years.


  • It is very much budget-friendly.
  • This product is a BEE rated product.
  • It is a 4 blades innovative design ceiling fan.
  • It has a very good flow of air coverage of about 230cmm and can boost the fan speed upto 350 Rpm.


  • There is no remote control system option.
  • It does not perform well at low voltage supply.


7. Bajaj Maxima 600 mm ceiling fan(For childrens)

Are you searching for a cute little ceiling for your children? Well then, the Bajaj Maxima 600mm ceiling fan can be a good go. It is designed with four-blades to ensure the best air circulation in the room. This can add a great final touch to your children’s study and living room.

Premium Features:

  • It has a very great RPM of up to 870 which ensures very quick cooling in the room.
  • This mini four blade ceiling fan has an air delivery coverage of up to 110 cmm.
  • With the help of a regulator you can set the speed of this fan upto 3 times.
  • The coil is made of 100 percent copper and hence consumes only 66 watts of power even at the max speed level.

Warranty: This product has a two years of warranty period.


  • It has a very cute looking design and value for money.
  • It is energy-efficient and very much budget-friendly.
  • Considering the size of the fan it has a very decent air delivery.
  • The product coil is made up of 100 percent copper and the warranty period at this price range is mind-blowing.
  • It has a very fast fan speed and you can change the speed by 3-times.


  • It is not a remote control based fan.
  • There is no regulator provided.



  • Energy Efficient: If you go for those ceiling fans with 40-50 watts of power consumption then you can save more electricity. But, most of the ceiling fans used by the Indians consume 70-80 watts of power.
  • Fan Speed: If you wanna experience a better cooling system always go for those fans with 300-350 RPM.
  • CMM( Cubic meter per minute): The CMM of the fan will tell you how far it can circulate the air in the room. So, always consider the CMM value before you buy any one of them. The ideal value of CMM for a fan should be 205-300.
  • Noiseless Operations: Some fans make so much noise while operating. Thus go for those fans with less operating noise.
  • Fan controller: If you wanna have full control over your fan with just one press, then go for those fans with a remote control system.
  • Dust Repels: If you wanna skip from cleaning the fan frequently then, always go for the fan with dust repellent feature.
  • Fan Height: You should make sure that your fan should be above 7-9 feet from the ground.
  • Fan Mounting: Every ceiling fan needs to be mounted on the ceiling so always look for those fans with better mounting support.
  • Blade length: You need to choose the length of the blade as per the size of your room. More details on the selection of fans according to your room size will be added on the FAQs section so make sure to go through.
  • Reverse Rotation: If you live in a Cold place then always go for the fan with the reverse rotations features.
  • Technology: In India the BLDC technology ceiling fans are very reliable and effective due to its phenomenal features. And considered to be 3-times better than the normal induction technology fans.
  • Budget-friendly: To let you free from financial issues, we have provided both budget-friendly and expensive products. So, go for the cheapest one from our top7 list.
  • Inbuilt-light: If you want to get a ceiling fan to add a spectacular view to your rooms then go with those fans with inbuilt light since it looks more sleek and dashing.

Verdict: We believe that this post could be of great help to you. For any queries please feel free to comment down below the comment sections.

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